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Busting South Africa’s xenophobic myths starts at grassroots
14 Apr 2021 | by Godfrey Mulaudzi | Institute for Security Studies, Lizette Lancaster | Institute for Security Studies, Gabriel Hertis | African Diaspora Forum

A concerted effort is needed to prevent attacks on foreign-born migrants ahead of this year’s local elections.

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In the cross-hairs: foreigners in SA’s informal sector
07 Dec 2020 | by Sergio Carciotto | Institute for Security Studies

Politicians are pushing anti-immigrant messages and policy ahead of next year’s local government elections.

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Social cohesion and collective violence in South Africa
21 Feb 2019 | by Guy Lamb | Safety and Violence Initiative

Social cohesion has frequently been used in government policy documents in South Africa since the late-1990s. Be that as it may, there have been very few detailed analyses of the direct and indirect linkages between social cohesion and violence. That said, in the South African literature on collective violence, particularly those publications relating to vigilantism, violent community protests, and xenophobic violence, research findings have broadly implied that shared community grievances and prejudices about wellbeing, inadequate government services, and the erosion of social control may have contributed to social cohesion with the creation of specific activist groups and social movements.

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What does the 2017 Refugee Amendment Act mean for Asylum Seekers and Refugees living in South Africa?
02 Nov 2018 | by Popo Mfubu | Refugee Rights Clinic, University of Cape Town

The changes proposed in the Refugees Amendment Bill are arguably an attempt to narrow the content and scope of refugee protection in South Africa and, in some respect, limit the rights afforded to asylum seekers and refugees. This piece discusses why the Refugees Amendment Act is so terrible and what effect will it have.

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Hate Crimes in South Africa: legislation is sorely needed
08 Oct 2018 | by The Hate Crimes Working Group

Crime affects us all in South Africa. However, crimes committed against minority groups such as foreign nationals, specific religious minorities, or people with disabilities are distinct from those committed against other South Africans. Yet, South Africa does not have specific hate crimes legislation. This piece seeks to emphasise why this legislation is necessary.

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Global trends, nationalism and xenophobia

In many countries, migration has also consistently been framed in the context of combating crime, where migrants are portrayed as criminals and ‘illegal’, furthering the process of ‘othering’ of migrants

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Do foreigners really commit SA’s most violent crimes?

Statements by Gauteng’s police head promote xenophobia and could provoke violence against foreigners.

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Khayelitsha Site C Social Cohesion Community Dialogue
04 Aug 2017 | by Azwi Netshikulwe, Institute for Safety Governance and Criminology

The complexity of challenges facing various communities, especially in urban centres today, requires all concerned community members and stakeholders to seek solutions through constructive engagement. Research and dialogue with active community stakeholders has identified the need to build social cohesion with the aim of achieving shared community goals. The Peacebuilding Team in Khayelitsha Site C aims to mitigate violence and resolve conflict. On 27 July 2017, the Peace Building Team facilitated a dialogue which enabled community members to identify and discuss the challenges they face and help communities work out solutions for themselves.

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Xenophobia and Migration: Adjust our urban policies towards safer cities for all

A progressive agenda around migration is critical for making South African cities safe for all, says Siphelele Ngobese (South African Cities Network). It is a key consideration in thinking about the growth, stability and future of cities.

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