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Ambassadors for Youth Resilience
25 Feb 2021 | by Dambisa Dube
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Learn to decide against violence: Why math and critical thinking matter for preventing violence

Critical thinking is essential for both solving maths problem and deciding to find alternatives to violence in one’s daily life. Yet these skills is rarely the focus of violence prevention programmes - an opportunity that is generally missed.

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Why societies must protect children if they want fewer criminals

Preventing and reducing stubbornly high levels of violence in South Africa can only be achieved if the country focuses on ensuring that children are not exposed to violence or toxic stress at home, and that they are warmly cared for.

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Sikhula ndawonye – developing an early parenting intervention for women

Promoting positive relationships between caregivers and their children early on can reduce childhood aggression and help prevent violence in adulthood. Sikhula ndawonye is a locally relevant, culturally appropriate parenting programme that aims to promote effective parenting practices and maternal coping skills.

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