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Summary of the SaferSpaces Online Conference: Preventing Violence in South Africa - From policy making to evidence-based implementation

In a series of webinars on the 7th and 8th of June, we drew from the existing evidence, experience and expertise of the civil society, academia and government sector in the prevention of violence and discussed how this could be utilised for the evidence-based implementation of the most relevant South African safety policy frameworks.

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Leadership is not the NPA's only challenge
19 Feb 2018 | by Lauren Tracey-Temba, Institute for Security Studies

Budget cuts have undermined prosecutors’ ability to deliver justice in South Africa.

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About Disruptive Change and Wrestling with Laws
27 Jun 2017 | by Jeanne Bodenstein, Rape Crisis Cape Town Trust

The rollout of sexual offences courts is essential for ensuring that survivors have access to survivor-centred justice. In this blog, Jeanne Bodenstein discusses how the Rape Survivors’ Justice Campaign engaged with magistrates and Parliament on the legislative framework for sexual offences courts.

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Poverty is not a crime: Decriminalise and declassify petty offences
06 Feb 2017 | by Melody Kozah, African Policing Civilian Oversight Forum (APCOF)

People living in poverty and on the margins of society have been, and continue to be, disproportionately affected by laws that criminalise petty offences punishable by a small fine or a short term of imprisonment.

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