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Summary of the SaferSpaces Online Conference: Preventing Violence in South Africa - From policy making to evidence-based implementation

In a series of webinars on the 7th and 8th of June, we drew from the existing evidence, experience and expertise of the civil society, academia and government sector in the prevention of violence and discussed how this could be utilised for the evidence-based implementation of the most relevant South African safety policy frameworks.

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Africa’s children deserve justice and protection
22 Jun 2020 | by Jude Thaddeus Njikem | Sonke Gender Justice

Every child has a right to education, best attainable standards of health, and protection from abuse, torture and labour which interfere with the child’s physical, mental, spiritual, moral, or social development. However, Covid-19 has had an adverse effect on the rights and welfare of children in Africa. For many children who now stay at home, other impending risks include harmful traditional practices such as female genital mutilation (FGM) and being forced into early (child) marriage. Domestic and sexual violence also continue to be a significant concern.

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Developed countries must commit to ending violence against children

All children are vulnerable to violence, yet wealthy countries lag behind in global efforts to solve it.

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Practical Responses to Violence in Schools: The Whole School Approach
18 Apr 2017 | by Joanne Phyfer | Centre for Justice and Crime Prevention| Centre for Justice and Crime Prevention, Gillian Makota

Due to its multi-faceted nature, the elimination of violence in schools calls for the engagement of all members of the school community.  The whole school approach to violence prevention attempts to achieve this, addressing school violence as a collective rather than individual challenge and involving the school community, parents, organisations and the local community

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Successful launch of Safer Schools Network in Mandela Metro
19 Oct 2016 | by Jonas Schumacher | Masifunde Learner Development| Masifunde Learner Development, Jessie Bohr | GIZ South Africa| GIZ

Safety at schools around the country remains a big concern. In Nelson Mandela Bay Metro, a Safer Schools Network was launched as a vibrant platform for schools to discuss safety issues and find ways how to make our schools a safe and learner-friendly environment for learners and teachers.

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