Sikhula ndawonye – developing an early parenting intervention for women

Promoting positive relationships between caregivers and their children early on can reduce childhood aggression and help prevent violence in adulthood. Sikhula ndawonye is a locally relevant, culturally appropriate parenting programme that aims to promote effective parenting practices and maternal coping skills.

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INGWE Youth Development Programme – Training youth to be tomorrow’s leaders
20 Apr 2016 | by Maximilian Vogt | GIZ South Africa

The INGWE Youth Development Programme strives to ensure that youth play a vital role in their own development and that of South Africa. It seeks to enhance collaboration, resource sharing and team building, hereby strengthening networking and synergies.

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The Elimination of Violence against Women: Moving the Agenda Forward
19 Apr 2016 | by Ziyanda Ngoma | UNFPA South Africa

To commemorate International Women’s Day, the United Nations Population Fund, in partnership with the Embassy of Sweden, UN Women and the Commission for Gender Equality (CGE), hosted a symposium to facilitate a dialogue on the progress made on eliminating and preventing all forms of Violence against Women in South Africa.

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Designing for Safer Inner-City Parks in Johannesburg

This post shares experiences from the upgrade of End Street North Park in inner-city Johannesburg; a pilot project that tests a participatory approach to park design and management for safety. It attempts a more socially inclusive, and community-oriented approach to park design and management.

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The missing link: does social cohesion prevent violence?

What is the relationship between social cohesion and violence? Can social cohesion act as a protective factor against violence in the developing world? These were central questions of a three-year research project in Brazil and South Africa.

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Drivers of violence in Mexico City – and what South Africa can learn from it
25 Feb 2016

A recent study into crime patterns in Mexico City reveals that criminal violence is concentrated in key hot spot areas with certain socio-economic characteristics. Hence the authors call for targeted prevention strategies. The study holds interesting lessons for reflecting on violence and crime prevention in South Africa.

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If your partner owns a gun, you could be the next target

The #GunFreeValentine campaign highlights that women in South Africa are more likely to be killed by an intimate partner than by a stranger, with firearms in the home posing a specific risk.

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Media as Empowerment for Youth in Mitchells Plain

In September 2015, the “Urban Violence, Safety and Governance” CityLab at the African Centre for Cities (ACC) conducted a two-week media training programme with ten out-of-school and unemployed young people from Tafelsig in Mitchell’s Plain. The aim was to provide the young people with the space and tools to share their stories and experiences of violence and to reflect on how the physical improvement of their environment has impacted on their lives and safety.

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What works to prevent gender-based violence in South Africa?
11 Dec 2015

Across South Africa there are many organisations working towards preventing the root causes of gender-based violence. The global What Works to Prevent Violence programme currently supports research on a number of South African interventions in this regard. The programme aims to provide evidence on what makes these interventions successful and how they can be replicated, adapted and scaled up.

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Building Safer Communities through the Community Work Programme (CWP)
09 Nov 2015 | by Tina Mahler

Governmental programmes such as the Community Work Programme (CWP) provide unemployed citizens with a job safety net and a monthly wage. How can these existing programmes be utilised for building safer communities? The pilot CWP Social Health Education Initiative aims to unlock the CWP’s potential in contributing towards community safety.

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