Walk This Way

Walk This Way – Be inspired

In a nutshell

Walk This Way project focuses on preventing child pedestrian-related intended and unintended road injuries through education and training, awareness, research and advocacy.

What we do

The project contributes to the safety of the children on the road as pedestrians. It aims to reduce child pedestrian injuries and deaths in South Africa by supporting schools to expand the Life Orientation subjects to include road safety for learners. The key message is ‘to reduce driver speed around the school zones’.

How we do it

Walk This Way project works on four programme components – research, awareness, education and advocacy.

What we have achieved

We have managed to reach more than 10 000 children within the past five years in Cape Town only. The projected expanded to Gauteng and KZN -Durban implementing pedestrian road safety activities

What we have learned

We have learned that law enforcement visibility is crucial to increase the effectiveness of the programme. Children learn behaviours from their parents. Therefore, the training of parents needs to be emphasised so that children learn safe behaviours. Through our programme activities in Cape Town road crossing behaviours in children have improved.

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