Information regarding the COVID-19 pandemic
Join the Consultation of the Draft Integrated Crime and Violence Prevention Strategy
The Draft Strategy is an indicator in the Medium Term Strategic Framework 2020-2025, and the outcome is set to be finalised by March 2021, contingent on consultations with various departments in the three spheres of government.
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A Guide to Designing Integrated Violence Prevention Interventions
The Guide aims to provide practical experiences and guidance for people working in area-based interventions
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Fear and policing in the time of Covid-19
There is a menu of compliance strategies and tactics against Covid-19 from which to choose, and indeed there are no easy choices.
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Rape Survivors’ Justice Campaign
The Rape Survivors’ Justice Campaign is a Rape Crisis Cape Town Trust advocacy project, which was started to hold government accountable to its promise to roll out sexual offences courts across the country to provide a victim-centred criminal justice system.
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By 2030, people in South Africa feel & are safe; and play a role in creating safe environments.
White Paper on Safety and Security (2016)
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SaferSpaces is an interactive platform run by and for community safety and violence prevention practitioners in South Africa to connect, share knowledge and learn from each other.
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Ambassadors for Youth Resilience
25 Feb 2021 | by Dambisa Dube
Ambassadors for Youth Resilience
South African vagrancy laws hark back to colonial times and violate human rights
15 Dec 2020 | by Abdirahman Maalim Gossar | African Policing Civilian Oversight Forum (APCOF)
South African vagrancy laws hark back to colonial times and violate human rights
In the cross-hairs: foreigners in SA’s informal sector
07 Dec 2020 | by Sergio Carciotto | Institute for Security Studies
In the cross-hairs: foreigners in SA’s informal sector

Discover Prevention Projects

Up-scaling Area-Based Violence Prevention Intervention to respond to challenges exacerbated by Covid-19 pandemic
GIZ South Africa, Violence Prevention through Urban Upgrading (VPUU NPC), Isandla Institute | National (all SA)

The Inclusive Violence and Crime Prevention Programme (GIZ-VCP) is a partnership programme agreed to between the Governments of South Africa…

Waves for Change (W4C) | International, National (all SA), Western Cape

Teampact is an attendance tracking platform, consisting of a mobile app and back-end dashboard, designed to work in even the…

A critical assessment of the future police concept in development of the South African Police Service
African Policing Civilian Oversight Forum | National (all SA)

Development of modern technology methods to prevent crime and improve the police is fundamental, but officer safety is the primary…


ACHPR Principles on the Decriminalisation of Petty Offences - Advocacy
African Policing Civilian Oversight Forum | 01 Jan 2018
Parenting during Covid-19 resources - Infographic
WHO, UNICEF, Parenting for Lifelong Health, Global Partnership to End Violence, CDC, and World Without Orphans | 01 Nov 2020

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