Daughters of Destiny

Daughters of Destiny – Organisation


South Africa


Western Cape


Cape Town


155 12th Avenue


General/Other, Community


Children, Youth


Daughters of Destiny is a Non-Profit organisation based in Kensington and Factreton, where crime, teenage pregnancy, domestic violence are key issues faced by young girls in the community. We find a rapid decline of morals and values in communities which are related to the disintegration of family structure.

Daughters of Destiny therefore hope to ignite Ubuntu within communities by developing programs to strengthen relationships between women and girls in order to help grow and support them.

Daughters of Destiny seek to empower girls, that are well-rounded, confident and fearless who strive for excellence. In order to do this, we champion relationships between older women and girls and facilitate personal relationships to best transfer experience, skills, and networks.

We believe in the full inclusion of the community to bring about their own change and we pro-actively support and empower the women to do so with the needed life skills. Our working method is based on the   Ubuntu philosophy "It takes a community to raise a child"

Our programs run in public spaces such as parks, where we create safe and accessible learning places, close to where the girls live. Through our learning programs, we enable girls to make informed decisions about their education, health, relationships, finances and future.