Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission

“In 2030, people living in South Africa feel safe and have no fear of crime. They are safe at home, at school, at work and they enjoy active community life free of fear. Women can walk freely in the streets and children can play safely outside.” National Development Plan - Vision 2030


SaferSpaces supports the vision for South Africa as set out in the National Development Plan (see the quote above).

SaferSpaces understands violence and crime prevention as strategies and measures that seek to reduce the risk of violence and crime occurring and their potential harmful effects on individuals and societies, including fear of violence and crime, by intervening to influence their multiple causes. [Based on the definition of crime prevention by the United Nations Guidelines for the Prevention of Crime, 2002]

Therefore, SaferSpaces recognises that violence and crime are complex issues that require multi-sectoral interventions at an individual, family, community and societal level to reduce risk and address the root causes.

SaferSpaces believes in non-violent interventions that reduce the prevalence of violence and crime in South Africa. Consequently, SaferSpaces rejects interventions and/or demands for actions that it may perpetuate violence, including vigilante justice, the promotion of weapons or violent behaviour.


SaferSpaces is an online portal for practitioners working towards violence prevention and community safety in South Africa to find safety-related information and resources, share knowledge from their work, network and learn from each other.

SaferSpaces aims to become:

  1. South Africa's key knowlege hub on community safety and violence prevention
  2. A central networking hub for practitioners in the field of violence prevention and community safety to register, share knowledge and connect
  3. An effective support to South Africa's community safety and violence prevention agenda