Do foreigners really commit SA’s most violent crimes?

Statements by Gauteng’s police head promote xenophobia and could provoke violence against foreigners.

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What do we know about murder in South Africa?

For a country with one of the highest global murder rates, little is publicly known about the murder trends.

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Crime stats – the devil is in the detail

01 Nov 2017 | by Guy Lamb, Safety and Violence Initiative, University of Cape Town (UCT SaVI)

The aggregate manner in which the crime data and statistics are presented masks the disproportionate nature of violent crime in South Africa, which for decades has been concentrated in about 20 per cent of police precincts. Most of these high crime precincts are densely populated, infrastructurally marginalised and characterised by elevated levels of poverty. Therefore, in seeking to gauge a more informed analysis of crime a focus on high crime precincts provides a more enlightening touchstone for the state of violent crime in South Africa.

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Private security in Africa: time to regulate the bad and harness the good

26 Oct 2017 | by Julie Berg, Institute for Safety Governance and Criminology (UCT SafGo)

Julie Berg, Director of the Institute for Safety Governance and Criminology (UCT SafGo), discusses how we should consider innovative possibilities in aligning private security to the public interest in ways that promote safety.

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Police not coping with serious violent crime

24 Oct 2017 | by Institute for Security Studies

A steady rise in murder and armed robbery shows police are not getting a grip on serious violent crime in South Africa, despite a budget increased by almost 50% since 2011/12 to R87 billion.

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What story will South Africa’s latest crime stats tell?

11 Oct 2017 | by Lizette Lancaster and Nthato Ntsoko, Institute for Security Studies

In this blog, Lizette Lancaster and Nthato Ntsoko discuss how the soon to be released 2017 SAPS crime statistics will likely paint a worrying but incomplete picture of the crime situation in South Africa.

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Accountability is Key in Bringing an End to Violence against Women

05 Oct 2017 | by Bafana Khumalo, Sonke Gender Justice

In this blog, Bafana Khumalo discusses the need for evidence, action and accountability if we are to effectively address the scourge of gender-based violence in South Africa.

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Going deeper: Refining our model for participatory safety planning in schools

05 Oct 2017 | by Sarah Strydom, Rape Crisis Cape Town Trust

Rape Crisis has been running a peer education programme in schools for over a decade, aimed at challenging the attitudes and social norms that promote sexual violence. This blog discusses how Rape Crisis made use of GIZ’s Toolkit for Participatory Planning to refine and reshape the peer educator programme, enabling the programme to be more effective and have a more sustainable impact.

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Horns, Guns and Drugs: The Real Cost of Wildlife Crime

21 Sep 2017 | by Institute for Security Studies

The number of poaching incidents has tripled in Southern Africa since 2010, endangering lives, threatening communities and undermining the local economy. Ahead of World Rhino Day, the Institute for Security Studies held a seminar which called for new ways to understand and combat wildlife crime.

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SA Needs a Concrete Plan to Stop Gender Violence

04 Sep 2017 | by Marlise Richter, Sonke Gender Justice

South Africa desperately needs an ambitious, fully-costed and multi-sectoral plan that effectively addresses the factors that give rise to gender-based violence, and that provides comprehensive services to survivors of violence. Gender-based violence need not be a South African reality.

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