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In a nutshell

The programme is targeting children and youths between the ages 10 - 16. It is an in school and out of school programme. The programme was introduced to address criminal behavior within rural schools and communities. It is envisaged to yield positive results over a period of five years 2015 - 2020.

What we do

We equip these young individuals with life skills using the following sporting codes cricket, soccer and netball. Our life skills cover the following topics: Bullying,Sexual Reproductive Health, Gender equity, Domestic Violence, Drugs and substance abuse, Hygiene, sports science Human Rights and Sex and Sexuality. The five aside sporting activities are aimed at promoting team work and healthy living among the learners. The organization moved away from gender equality approach to adopting gender equity, we have found gender equality as some form of revenge on non perpetrators (young people), hence sporting codes that speak to equity.

How we do it

We recruit game changer champions every year and impart them with skills and knowledge to implement the program. The game changer champions are mentored and coached by the Project Coordinator. We use non formal and informal educational techniques.

What we have achieved

The Sidlala Sidlamkile Sifunda Banzi Ngobom subscribe to the values of Ubuntu, equity and transformative society. As such, we were guided by relevant international and continental instruments; and legislative frameworks in ensuring gender, youth and disability mainstreaming into this programme. The organization established learners dialogue forums in schools and in communities we work with. Furthermore, we subject these learners to physical training and sporting activities, health promotion and school green gardens competitions.

What we have learned

Young people are active participants and should play a meaningful role on any issue pertains to their development. This resulted in sense of ownership by all involved. There was high levels of despondency among school going children, bullying and criminal behavior. In curbing these challenges, the Inkwenkwezi Youth Development Sporting Foundation game changer champions involved these youths in physical sporting activities, dialogues, permaculture and health promotion campaigns within the schools. Lastly, we have approached the Eastern Cape department of Sports and SAFA Development with the aim of establishing safer schools and community gymnasia parks.

Map point

Sidlala Sidlamkile Sifunda Banzi Ngobom

Unnamed Road, Prudhoe, South Africa